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SakRobotix Takes Part in 22nd Enterprise Odisha, 2019

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Like previous years, SakRobotix had the priviledge to participate in 22nd Enterprise Odisha, 2019 held at Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar. While the biggest industrial exhibition of the state was inaugurated by Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, SakRobotix got an opportunity to showcase its robotics prowess to the customers. The 4-day event was a huge hit among the masses.

Tech talk: Jobs in certain sectors may remain unaffected by the slowdown

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ccording to a report published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), “The growth in emerging economies like Brazil, India, and Russia is expected to slow down to 4.6 per cent in 2019.” There are, however, some sectors that will be unaffected. TeamLease Services, India’s largest composite staffing firm, says in its Employment Outlook Report for April-September 2020 that manufacturing, engineering and infrastructure sectors together will witness a net addition of 58,200 new jobs, a two per cent increase in net employment. Pune will have the most job openings (9,150), Mumbai will have 8,940 while Bangalore will gain 8,015 new jobs. And 17 per cent of all new jobs will be for freshers — across 19 sectors.

LinkedIn released a report that recorded changing trends in the job market from 2013 to 2017. It showed that job roles seeing the most growth are machine learning engineer, application development analyst, back-end developer, full-stack engineer and data scientist. These jobs grew by 43, 32, 23, 18 and 14 times respectively in the last five years. Here are the most in-demand jobs in the technology sector.


With the ever growing fascination with and revolution in robots, there is a steady rise in demand for robotics experts. Robots are no longer limited to industrial use, they are being used in various other sectors too.

“We can replace humans with robots in jobs with 4D condition [dull, dirty, difficult, dangerous]. Banks, hotels and others in the service sector have also started deploying robots. More people are needed in this career. We need robotics instructors, robotics scientists, robot manufacturing, robotics service engineers and so on,” says Sakyasingha Mahapatra, founder and CMD, SakRobotix, Bhubaneswar.

AI & machine learning

The sector that has the fastest growing jobs is machine learning, which branched out from artificial intelligence (AI) and is being touted as the next big thing. AI has been used to advance numerous sectors, including finance, healthcare, education and transportation. Not to mention recruitment.

“Various tools are now available to ensure that a recruiter gets the best profiles without wasting much time. AI tools help eliminate the need to spend hundreds of hours to meet the right candidate. Technology can now help evaluate profiles based on specific needs. Recruitment marketing tools, semantic search, real-time communication (video and phone) analysis can customise an interview experience. With on-demand tools such as Harqen, you can gain a clear idea of your candidate’s professionalism, presence, and personality — all essential if they’re in a customer-facing role,” says Mayur Saraswat, head of digital, IT and telecom vertical, TeamLease Services.

Cyber security

The World Economic Forum has predicted that losses due to cybercrime will reach

$3 trillion by 2020; 74 per cent of the world’s businesses can expect to be hacked into in the coming year. The recent ransomware/Wannacry attack that affected 150 plus countries demonstrated both the grand scale and the devastating consequences. The demand for cyber security experts is soaring while supply is critically low. According to Cisco, there are currently 1 million unfilled cyber security jobs worldwide.

“The digital revolution has brought the risk of cybercrime and hence the need for cybersecurity. Cyberattacks are increasing in volume and sophistication, affecting an ever-greater number of people and institutions. Through artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and other new technologies, the threat surface and vulnerability are growing, spinning out in new areas. To fight increasing cybercrime, the global community needs to overcome three major challenges: lack of trust, lack of cooperation and a lack of adequate skills,” says Sandip Kumar Panda, founder and CEO, InstaSafe, a cybersecurity technology provider.

App development

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives and along with it comes applications or apps, without which these gadgets would not be used much. Naturally, jobs for application developers are on a constant rise.

“The industry has been changing from core Web development to handy apps. Now we need apps which streamline the way businesses work and make them a more profitable entity. I made my company shift focus from hard core website development to app development, specifically problem-solving apps. If we think of India only by the digital disruption that mobile Internet service provider JIO gave, the market is bound to increase on an exponential level,” says Debdutto Banerjee, director, Tech Conjurer, a website and application developing firm.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is seeing increasing usage in various fields such as education, healthcare and business. It is a way for all kind of businesses to replace in-house IT infrastructure with remotely installed infrastructure. As such there is an increase in the need of cloud computing engineers.

“About half of the global population is online, technology has shrunk the world and hence older ways of functioning have become redundant. Areas such as cybersecurity, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning creating newer opportunities. According to a report by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), a detailed analysis of occupation titles in India, Malaysia and the Philippines found that 43 to 57 per cent of new job titles that have emerged in the past 10 years are in ICT,” says Saraswat of TeamLease.

The future is technology-driven jobs and upskilling is necessary for survival. As we change the way we shop, eat, travel, bank and learn, more jobs will be created in newer sectors.


Robotix School Research Center

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Bhubaneswar, 20 June 2019 : SakRobotix an Indian Robotics Start-up headquartered in  Bhubaneswar that designs, develops, research, and sells Robots, Robotics DIY KIT, Robotics toys, and offer robotics education today announced the launch of “SAK ROBOTIX SCHOOL RESEARCH CENTER”
Announcing the launch Mr Sakyasingha Mohapatra, Founder, CEO & MD, Sak Robotix Pvt. Ltd. Said, “Sak Robotix Pvt. Ltd is the startup into robotics registered startup of startup Odisha and startup India, working in the field of robotic research and education. Till date we have trained more than 1 lakh students across India on robotics. Today we announce the launch of SakRobotix School Research Center.
Sak Robotix Pvt Ltd started its journey since 2012 with a mission to find and empower the hidden talents of our country INDIA in robotics to make India as the next Robotics Capital of the world by engaging them into robotics research & development.
To make our country “India the next robotic capital of the world”, Through SakRobotix School Research Center, we are offering robotics education to the students at an early stage in the schools. From our experience in working with the schools and colleges across the country, we analyzed that robotics education in India is an under penetrated market. Hence to introduce robotics in the K12 segment, we worked for several years and developed one of the most unique and innovative robotics curriculums for the school students. We also created unique robotics DIY (Do it Yourself) kits for every class.  Anyone can develop more than 12 different projects by using our DIY kits”, said Mr Mohapatra.
Looking at the requirement of robotic education for students for all schools, SakRobotix conceptualized SakRobotix center. Average cost to learn robotics in India for a short term robotic programme (7 to 15 hrs) is Rs 5000/-. Looking at the global market countries like US, Germany, Australia and Japan where robotics education has already been introduced as an elementary education however in India we found robotics education only in the high end schools, where the yearly cost of learning is in between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- per student. Till date we are working  with …..schools and …..number of students are learning.
Why Robotic Education In Schools:-1. Creativity2. Innovation3. Preparing kids for 21st century job force4. 100% hands on activity based learning5. Team work6. Project based learning7. Robotics is the future8. Transform students in to scientists9. Application based learning10. Idea to prototype making learning

With a thought “Equality In Education” Sak Robotix proposed the high-tech robotics education must and should be in every school in the villages as well as private schools.
In today’s time, robots play a vital role in the industry 4.O. Application of robots are huge in all the sectors. We can replace human with a robot in the 4D condition ( Dull, Dirty, Difficult, Dangerous). There will great rise in demand of robotics in future. Earlier robots are used in industry only but today we can see large scale robotics applications in the service sector. Banks, hotels and many service sector are started deploying robots in their workflow. As in past there was a computer revolution, now we its the robotics revolution. It’s time now to learn, work and invest on  robotics massively to compete with the global market.
More people needed in this career, because it’s a revolution now in India. There is a need of huge manpower as robotics instructor to educate India on robotics. There is a need of robotics scientists in huge no to develop Robots for all sectors. Robot manufacturing in india is a new opportunity which needs more manpower. There is a growing demand of Robotics professionals in india which enabled various Universities to offer robotics education program be it B.Tech on Robotics or M.Tech on Robotics.

SHIR at Make in Odisha Conclave, 2018

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SakRobotics stole the show at Make in Odisha Conclave 2018 when our humanoid robot named, Sakrobotics Hybrid Intelligent Robot (SHIR) clad in a Sambalpuri Saree stood next to Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik while he inaugurated the conclave. Built by Sakrobotics, the 5.2 feet tall robot can interact in Hindi and English. A dozen other robots, all developed by us, were also on display at the conclave and were hugely appreciated by the masses.

Here’s how Sakyasingha Mahapatra wants to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in the youth of Odisha

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Back in the day, Sakyasingha Mahapatra used to sit in a café behind BMC Bhawani Mall in Bhubaneswar and would talk to youngsters about robotics. He would offer to teach robotics to those who showed interested. In June 2010, ten students agreed. That’s how SakRobotix was born and today, they have impacted one lakh students and have 55 labs in schools and colleges across the country. “If our cricket team can win the World Cup, why can’t we make India the robotics hub of the world?,” asks Mahapatra passionately. He is confident that once he takes robotics to the grassroots, people will fall in love with the subject, just like he did. He is also the founder of Gyanx which offers online study materials and kits for robotics. But his entrepreneurial journey doesn’t end here.

“I have faced several challenges in life and I did not want others to face the same,” says the 33-year-old when he cites the reason behind creating a popular Facebook group for entrepreneurs. The members meet on one Sunday every month to network and talk. Last Sunday, they met for the 70th time. “I keep telling entrepreneurs that just like in Baahubali, Mahendra Baahubali’s sword is his weapon, digital marketing and smart tools are the weapons of entrepreneurs,” says Mahapatra, who is now using his expertise to guide entrepreneurs in Odisha. Speaking of this coastal state and the spirit of start-ups here, he says, “The youngsters here have a lot of energy and passion.” He also adds that mentorship for start-ups is the need of the hour to channelise their energy.

Mahapatra, who is a native of a small hamlet on the banks of Chilika Lake called Banapur, is also the brains behind Odisha Startup Summit which is held every year from January 11 to 13. “I organise this with the aim of building an ecosystem right here,” he explains. He intends to travel to every district of Odisha to deliver inspirational talks and encourage youngsters to solve their own problems. He is also working on generic business plans which he will share with the locals and later on, they will be available on his website as well. “Youngsters want to copy paste nowadays. They see a Flipkart and want to create something similar locally. They need to understand that their solutions need to cater to local problems,” he says and suggests that one needs to add value to their community with their start-up and also create livelihood opportunities for the people around them.

Mahapatra is an alumnus of Institute of Engineering and Management, Koraput. He is also a motivational speaker


Before we sign off, we ask Mahapatra for one definitive tip for all those who aspire to become entrepreneurs and he says, “Network, network, network. Also, respect and celebrate each entrepreneurs journey.”

Josh Talks in partnership with Facebook organized at Sri Sri University, Cuttack

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Josh Talks in partnership with Facebook organized #BoostYourBusiness, an event that brings together business pioneers and upcoming professionals, on Saturday at Sri Sri University, Cuttack. This is first of its kind in Odisha and it’s conducted in the picturesque Sri Sri University which provides holistic education. This conference brought incredible stories of gritty people who have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields and stood as a role model for the young generation.
The event aimed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. This was complemented by a workshop that was aimed to help entrepreneurs, students, and professionals to enhance their digital skills and explain the power of online marketing.

Josh Talks passionately believes in articulating and raising the aspirations of young India and creating an impact. Over the last 3 years, Josh Talks has travelled across the country, covering 40 cities with one mission – to inspire positive action!
There were 6 speakers and panelists consisting of change-makers and achievers who spoke about their inspiring life journeys at the event. Some of the speakers include Sanyas Behera who is setting an example for persons with disability, Sanyas Behera is the first divyang OAS officer from the state with 100% blindness. Susant Pattnaik, Co-founder and MD, InThinks. He is a social tech entrepreneur with fifteen innovations and six patents to his name. He is a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence Industry from Bhubaneshwa. Susant is a six-time recipient of the President’s award.

Vikas Das is the founder of Vat Vrikshya, a social enterprise that has helped more than 368 tribal families in Odisha. His journey from an IT job at IBM to solving problems of the tribal communities is highly inspiring. Sakyasingha Mahapatra started SakRobotix, one of India’s most renowned robotics startup. The company which started from a small room with eight students today imparts education both offline and online, reaching millions.

The Josh Talks Workshop witnessed more than 200 students and staff from Sri Sri University and other institutions of Odisha.